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  • Robin F.

    All the therapists were wonderful. They helped me rehab from a hip replacement. It took me a bit longer, but they were there every step of the way. I feel better than I have in years!! Thank you.

  • Beverly G.

    When I was referred for treatment by my physician I was suffering with a hip problem that may have required surgery. I was delighted when the physical therapy staff embarked on a course of treatment involving specific exercises and movement to target strengthening my core. As I spent some time in treatment I was more confident that the protocol would assist me in ambulating with less pain when walking. The partnership with therapists on which exercises worked and those that did not helped me to work harder to accomplish our ultimate goal. After much support and encouragement from the staff, I was able to dance again. One week prior to my discharge I had an appointment with my pain and spine specialist who reviewed my progress. He was surprised that I was doing so well. I of course attributed my improvement to the physical therapy treatment.

    I also used the services of occupational therapy. I was treated for an elbow problem. The therapy assisted me in functionally using my elbow without pain.

  • Dr. Richard M.

    I began my physical therapy with great expectations – never really into believing my shoulder was seriously injured. The pain and discomfort I experienced initially was difficult, but the staff assured me that it would indeed get better. Even up to my last treatment, I was sure that my shoulder would never stop hurting.

    But your staff reassured me and recommended a number of exercises to continue the healing process. Less than two weeks after P.T. and I really am almost completely pain-free. I am swinging my golf clubs without pain and I know the P.T. made it all possible.

    Thank you + God bless

  • Theresa B-P.

    I had right hip surgery on November 11th, 2015. I am a 70-year-old woman who’s been active all my life. My goal was to be back to tennis by the end of February 2016. Well, the third week of February I stepped back on the tennis court. No pain, and totally flexible. The goals I set with the P.T. trainers were spot on. Thank you!

  • Mario V.

    Definite improvement in my knee and neck. Thank you!

  • Howard K.

    My right knee was replaced on November 2, 2015. I left my rehab facility on November 15 or 16 and started with CPT on about the 17th. I was on a walker and had a pretty high level of pain. The routine I started with Brendan and Kevin was strenuous, but fair, and the pain was minimal. They stressed gradual improvement, not great leaps forward. This worked well. When we started my ROM was 80° or less. When we were done, I was at 125°, which pleased the surgeon. I moved up about 6 or 7 levels on the seat of the fixed bicycle, and I was able to do all of the step ups and downs at “the wall”. Bridgitte and Kevin were steady healers who cared about what they were doing. Your people are what make CPT so good!

  • Sandy S.

    When I presented you with my neck problem, I felt more relief than I have had in a long time. I’m grateful my doctor referred me to Contact Physical Therapy. You have really helped me in the last nine months. I can’t wait to go dancing again…thanks for all you’ve done to keep me active and happy in my life. Please continue all your good works with those who need your expertise and have the desire to live with less pain or be pain free. You’re making this a better world one patient at a time…..

  • Paul G.

    I was able to reach far beyond my expected goals in such a short period. It is hard to believe I’m walking without any help or cane. I can bend my knee 133 degrees and I am pleased.

  • Lauren P

    I was amazed with the outcome of my treatment! I went from thinking of the pain in my knee first thing when I woke up in the morning and had to curtail all my physical activities to nothing. I am now without the pain and back to most of my activities.

  • C.M.

    When I first came in, I couldn’t move my neck, I got dizzy when I looked back, and it was painful to move in any direction. During therapy I started to see the difference shortly after. Now I can drive, lean my head back without getting dizzy and I can work on my hobbies, which makes me happy!! Thanks for all your care and concerns for me.

  • Mary G

    I am a tennis player and wanted to gear my rehab and therapy towards getting back on the court. I received the attention I needed to strengthen my legs and I also feel comfortable with the suggested routine now that I’m leaving physical therapy. I have been back on the tennis court two times and felt very strong and comfortable playing!

  • Frances F

    My physical therapist was not only knowledgable in all his work, but I enjoyed his company and how easy it was to understand what he wanted me to do and the reason for doing so. I would advise any family member or friend to go to Contact for any physical therapy needs!

  • L.S.

    When I first went in for a treatment, I could hardly lift my arm, due to a torn rotator cuff. Now I have full range of motion and have also gained strength, besides mobility.

  • C.A.

    When I first came, there was a lot of pain and little movement of my right arm, due to a frozen shoulder condition. During the course of therapy, the pain became less, and I am now able to move my arm freely. I will continue at home with the exercises I was taught.

  • R.T.

    After therapy I am now able to resume tennis and golf with no noticeable difficulty-my knee feels almost normal!



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