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Does Strengthening The Core Prevent Lower Back Pain?

If you have had it before, you probably already know that learning how to prevent lower back pain is better than suffering through it and trying to treat it. 

If you have heard in the past that a weak core leads to back pain, and you suffer from back pain, this could sound discouraging. No one likes the thought of having to work on their core because it likely also induces the feeling of more pain. If you are already hurting, you don’t want to work on the area that is hurting and make it hurt more. 

You are looking for relief. So you will be glad to know that some recent studies are showing that exercise — in general — is just as effective for lower back pain as certain core strength exercises.

What Is Considered The Core?

Most medical professionals will include these when describing what comprises the core:

  • Muscles in front (abs)
  • Side (obliques)
  • The trunk muscle (transverse abdominis)
  • Back muscles along the spine
  • The diaphragm
  • Pelvic floor muscles

Some medical professionals also include the glutes as part of the core.

In theory, when these muscles are weak, your body cannot rely on them for strength and support. So instead, your body resorts to using bones and ligaments (the soft-tissue that connects the bones) to support itself. This is when pain can set in.

Prevent Lower Back Pain

Still, you may see benefit from working on your core muscles. You will want to work with a professional, such as your physical therapist, to identify the correct way of performing the prescribed stretches and exercises. Otherwise you may end up injuring yourself further.

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He or she can also help you create a general exercise program to prevent lower back pain and promote good overall health.

A physical therapist is an expert when it comes to musculoskeletal issues, and is one of the most qualified healthcare experts to help address lower back pain.

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If you are suffering from lower back pain, a physical therapist at Contact Physical Therapy can help identify the exact cause of your lower back pain and help to determine a treatment program that addresses that specific issue and helps you get to feeling better.

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