Healthy Couple on Vacation

Staying Healthy While on Vacation

Finally, sweet summertime has arrived. Temperatures are rising, and beaches are calling. You may have spent a lot of time to prep your health and body for your summertime vacation, but you don’t have to throw away all that hard work for nothing. Find out how you can stay healthy while on vacation. Stay on track this summer and come back feeling just as good as when you left.


  1. Resist the Urge to Splurge while eating out. Usually while on vacation most of your meals are eaten at a restaurant. Pick which times you would like to indulge in a high fat, rich meal and try healthier choices for other meals. Often times, on vacation you may stay in a hotel which means no refrigerator for leftovers and results in eating a much larger portion than needed.
  2. Everything in Moderation. You are on vacation, so live a little. Don’t deprive yourself and when you’re craving chocolate cake, have a bite so the next time you get offered dessert you don’t go crazy and eat the whole cake. Think about moderation and if you’re eating for pleasure and hunger and not boredom.
  3. Walking is huge. Take a stroll after dinner. Walk to breakfast. Keep moving so when you’re indulging in a delicious dish, you won’t feel as guilty.
  4. Drink Plenty of water. While water should always be consumed, sometimes you forget to keep up with your intake while on vacation. Traveling can be dehydrating as well as soaking up the sun. You may feel more encouraged to order tropical drinks with your meals, and cocktails and water is usually not on your mind. Keep up your water consumption by bringing water with you everywhere you go and drink a glass at each meal along with your other drinks.
  5. Stay Active. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to your rigorous workout routine, but take a little bit of time each day to get your heart rate up and get moving. This could be swimming in the ocean for 10 extra minutes or playing catch on the beach. If you feel like waking up and working out while on vacation, then definitely go for it!
  6. Skip the elevators. Whenever possible take the stairs. Your room is on the third floor? Think about how many extra steps you’ll take each time you run up to the room for the forgotten sunscreen and book.


This summer while enjoying your vacation, you can still stay on track and come back to your routine with ease instead of sudden shock. Small changes can go almost unnoticed on your vacation to keep you happy and healthy.