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September is Healthy Aging Month!

contact physical therapySeptember is Healthy Aging Month!

It’s not just about Physical Health, it is also Nutritional, Social, Mental and Financial Health! Check out some of the below tips to have a Healthy Month and Life!



Physical Health

  • Exercise two to three times a week, don’t get burned out!
  • Walking and swimming are great activities with low impact.
  • Try something new! Stretching is a great option, how about yoga or pilates?
  • A few more fitness tips and “moving” ideas: Some other ‘keep moving’ tips: use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk briskly when you can, and look for a fun sport or activity you enjoy, maybe tennis or golf?
  • Adopt a dog and take Fido for walks every day.

Nutritional Health

  • Eat whole grains. Two and a half servings of whole grains a day can significantly reduce your chance for a stroke.
  • Eating foods that are antioxidants can help improve focus, problem-solving, and memory.
  • Supplements can help, but food with antioxidant properties work best.
  • Eat goji and blueberries. They are both part of the new group called superfoods. These are the best foods to eat for the most nutritional punch.
  • Water. Staying hydrated benefits your body and brain by keeping you detoxified and
  • oxygenated, so drink lots of water.
  • Healthy diets rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, along with providing essential vitamins, minerals and fiber good for overall health.

Social Health

  • Do you ever think about traveling? Then do it, or at least start planning. Planning trips can be excited and full of fun.
  • Join a social group that interests you. Many parks and rec departments have classes such as photography, art, dance and music classes. Find one you like and join.
  • Laugh, laugh, laugh! Read the comics, watch comedians or just joke with friends!
  • Volunteer! There are many great organizations near you to give your time. It is a gesture that everyone can appreciate.

Mental Health

  • A health brain may include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a combination of the B vitamins, the antioxidants of C and E and vitamin D.
  • Learn a foreign language to keep your brain sharp.
  • Read! Anything from a book to the back of a cereal box, reading keeps your mind healthy.
  • Do jigsaw puzzles, they aren’t only fun, the problem solving can help your brain.

Financial Health

  • Since you are legally responsible for everything in your tax return, make sure you have a great accountant you can trust.
  • Use money savings websites like, for the cheapest gas prices, and find great grocery coupons at
  • Calculate how much income you will need to retire. Check out this chart to help you plan.

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