How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Running Game

Sure, running may not be a contact sport, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune from injury. If you’re a runner, there are a lot of muscles and joints that are susceptible to injury and strain. But if you know what injuries can occur and how, it’s a lot easier to prevent them.

Although running doesn’t require a strategy like football or basketball do, there’s still a physical demand required by your body. There are numerous things to consider. When running, you should always be aware of your pace, mileage, form, and the terrain you’re on. All of these factors will have an impact on whether or not you might get injured.

It’s especially important to consider these factors when training for a running event like a 5K or marathon. No one wants to fall victim to injury right after training so adamantly.

When it comes to runners, there are a few injuries that are particularly common:

As we mentioned before, if you know what injuries you’re susceptible to, they’re easier to prevent. Most people look at physical therapy as a reactive treatment, however, it can be very effective as a preventative treatment too. Pre-rehab (or prehab) for running can include gait mechanics and activity modification to ensure that you are not putting your body at risk when you go out for a run.

Running can be a very demanding sport, even though it may not seem that way. Don’t let all that pounding on the pavement lead to serious injury.

If you’re a runner and you’re looking to perfect your form, or prevent injury contact us today! And if you’re a runner that’s suffered an injury and looking for guidance on the road to recovery, we’ll help you along your rehab journey.