one-on-one therapy

The Benefits of One-On-One Therapy

You might be wondering, “What is one-on-one therapy?”

We’re so glad you asked. At Contact Physical Therapy, we are passionate about continuity of care. In order to achieve this, we guarantee that you will receive one-on-one therapy and direct interaction with the same therapist for the entirety of your treatment.

This might not sound novel, but it actually is. At many physical therapy clinics across the country, along with physical therapists, there are also many physical therapy assistants, and physical therapy aides/techs working in the clinic.

Physical therapy assistants have graduated from a PTA program, and they’ve also passed the National Physical Therapy Exam. Because of their education, physical therapy assistants are patient-facing, and can provide patient care (various exercises and treatments) under the direct supervision of a licensed physical therapist.

Physical therapy aides/techs don’t have any formal physical therapy education. Because of this, they do not provide any patient care. They are responsible for keeping the treatment areas clean and setting up equipment when necessary in preparation for appointments.

Having so much support staff at outpatient physical therapy clinics means that 1) you might not always be treated by a licensed professional, and 2) that you could be treated by a variety of different people.

The team at Contact Physical Therapy is comprised almost entirely of licensed physical and occupational therapists. We only have one physical therapy tech because we believe in the value of one-on-one therapy. Just like you see the same doctor all the time, we want you to see the same therapist too.

We think one-on-one therapy is beneficial because it gives us the opportunity to build a strong relationship with our patients. We want our patients to feel comfortable with us. Additionally, we get to see our patients from start to finish. It gives us a better understanding of your case because we can watch you progress through to the final stages of your treatment.

If you like the idea of one-on-one therapy, consider Contact Physical Therapy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and be on the one-on-one therapy road to recovery.