neck pain and how physical therapy can help

Neck Pain and How Physical Therapy Can Help

Are you curious about neck pain and how physical therapy can help? Neck pain ranging from severe, throbbing pain to mild forms, occurs most commonly on the back of the neck. Sometimes it can also radiate to surrounding areas including the shoulder region and upper limbs. Victims of neck pain suffer from stiffness of neck muscles along with tingling, aching, and more.

Multiple factors can be responsible for the occurrence of neck pain. Anything that can disturb normalcy of nerves surrounding the neck region can cause neck pain. Trauma to the neck or spine can lead to neck pain.

Also common are obesity, smoking, poor posture while sleeping, etc. All these factors can cause spasm of neck muscles that induces pain and inability to perform functions. Therefore, it should be physically handled in order to maintain the tone of muscles, get back to feeling normal and prevent the problem from getting worse.

Neck Pain and How Physical Therapy Can Help

Modern research highlights the importance of physical therapy in healing neck pain. Avoidance of surgery and harmful effects of medications is its biggest importance. Also physical therapy can help you relieve your pain in a short interval of time.

The aim of physical therapy is to maintain the tone of neck muscles and reduce pain in attached soft tissues. The physical therapist can use several techniques to help you. This includes the performance of multiple exercises, application of moist heat or cold, suggestion of helpful activities including how to sit and where to sit. 

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If your pain is due to poor posture, the aim of your therapist will be to relieve pain and improve your posture for permanent relief of the problem. Likewise if the reason for your pain is tightness of the muscles, your therapist will suggest exercises to increase the flexibility of your muscles. 

Therefore physical therapy is a greatly influential method to relieve neck pain with a great number of benefits and is highly suggested by health researchers. Moreover it is safe and economical. 

Furthermore, a physical therapist may recommend the following:

  • Perform light chores around the house to stay active, but don’t overdo it
  • Avoid bedrest
  • Simple movements, stretches and/or exercises
  • Avoiding activities that cause the pain
  • Sitting chairs that offer firm support
If neck pain is getting the best of you, physical therapy can help. Contact a physical therapist at Contact Physical Therapy who can show you ways to alleviate any neck pain you are having.
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