make your resolution a habit

Make Your Resolution A Habit You’ll Stick With

make your resolution a habit

Make Your Resolution A Habit You’ll Stick With

Resolution: the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. or the answer or solution to something

Don’t slip into resolution mode just for the New Year. Forget the date, forget the resolution hype—start now, keep up the momentum and make this entire year amazing. They say it takes up to three months for a behavior to become a habit, so that’s what we want to do – develop new habits! Here are 6 tips to make sure you stick to your goals (new habits) and see success!

Be realistic

Setting a lofty goal can seem overwhelming and easier to put off. Break your goals into smaller and more realistic chunks with a detailed plan of how to achieve those mini goals throughout the year.

Take action

Stop talking about what you’re going to do— instead start doing and talk about what you’ve done! Set yourself in motion and hold yourself accountable to make things happen.

Take it one habit at a time

One common mistake is planning way too many resolutions. The fewer things your brain has on its plate to deal with, the better. You will be able to focus all your energy and motivation on one resolution, increasing your chances of succeeding.

Ask yourself questions

Phrase what you want to do as a question instead of a declaration. Instead of saying “I will meditate daily” ask yourself “how will I structure my day to find time to meditate?” Studies show that when it comes down to motivation, questions work better than statements.  When you place your goal as a question, it stimulates your mind to find reasons to complete it.

Theme for the year

Decide on a general theme for your year—what is this year going to be about for you? The year of health, the year of balance, the year you reach that goal? Pick a word that will become the theme to drive you throughout the entire year.

Spread the word

Tell people! Let others know about your goal and the steps you are taking to meet it.  Teaming up or telling others is powerful given our social natures and reluctance to let people down. According to research conducted by the University of Hertfordshire, creating a sense of accountability with someone can help you stay on track.

Jump into 2015 with the momentum of success, and jump start the best year ever. Use these tips to help you stay on course and make those resolutions stick!

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