4 Healthy Holiday Foods

It’s the holiday season, which means an abundance of relatives, shopping, and of course, delicious comfort food is everywhere. With the end of the year approaching quickly and the increased amount of stress, we have the unfortunate tendency to reach for comfort food instead of healthy choices. Don’t let this holiday season get the best of you, and put down that cookie! Stay on track with your healthy eating habits all through the holidays this year by swapping these traditional choices for some fresh and delicious options:

  1. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

What would the holiday meals be like without yams? Although yams are a staple in the traditional holiday feast, sweet potatoes are making a new appearance on the dinner table. Filled with vitamins and nutrients, sweet potatoes are naturally tasty and only need a slight seasoning to be heart-healthy and good for building muscle. Try them roasted with a light douse of olive oil!

      2. Green Beans

Although everyone loves a green bean casserole, a much healthier alternative is green beans, sans the casserole! Green beans alone are much lower in calories and provide a comforting feeling similar to casseroles when steamed. Try adding slivered almonds on top for an extra crunch.

  1. Apple Cider

Eggnog is a classic holiday treat, however, apple cider provides that holiday spice with much less saturated fat. Without the dairy, eggs, and sugar, apple cider is a natural alternative that gives the gift of less calories, with the same winter season delight.

  1. Cranberries

Partnered with some meats, gravy and mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce is a delicious holiday staple. However, the sauce can usually add unwanted sugars. Instead of making a sauce or using a canned version, just eat the plain berries! Naturally tart, you’ll eat less of them by eating a few at a time, and enjoy the natural flavor of the season.

There you have it! You’re set to go with these healthy alternatives to some of your holiday favorites. Give them a try and enjoy yourself this holiday season.

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