How Happiness Benefits Productivity at Work

Everyone wants to be more productive. If you maximize productivity, you can get to all your work, and still have time for yourself, which could include spending time with family, giving yourself that deserved spa treatment, or even some precious, quiet alone time. There are lots of theories on what increases productivity. Common suggestions are to-do lists, minimizing distractions, stop multitasking… The list is endless. But there is one factor that is often overlooked when it comes to productivity, and that is happiness. Productivity is often equated to efficiency. Because of this, many people focus on how they do their work, and the processes they go through. Can you eliminate a step in the process to get more done? However, that’s not the answer. Although maximizing efficiency can lead to overall greater productivity, happiness has proven to be a key factor in productivity at work.

Work is, well, work. Not often is it fun, and more often than not it’s pretty dull, or stressful. When someone knows that they need to be productive and achieve many things within the day, a strange phenomenon happens – they find anything at all that they can do instead, because they are simply not motivated to work. This is the dreaded epidemic called procrastination. Procrastination strikes out of boredom, but also when employees are unmotivated or unhappy with their jobs.

Keeping employees happy is a great way to ensure productivity. It’s simple psychology. When morale is up, people are more likely to do better work. In the case of someone that dislikes their job or work environment, they’re less likely to care about the quality of their work. In fact, according to a study at the University of Warwick, happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy employees were 10% less productive than normal.

In order to promote positivity and a happy workplace, make sure you praise your employees for good work. A simple “thank you” email could go a long way in reassuring an employee that their efforts are valued at the company. In turn, it will encourage them to work harder for the potential to receive another “thank you”. This practice worked very well for the popular company Burt’s Bees.

A positive attitude can help someone combat the stress and anxiety that sometimes comes from work. So it’s in an employer’s best interest to create a happy and positive environment for their employees. With a happy workplace, productivity levels will soar. With happy people, who knows what could happen!

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