5 Everyday Habits of Productive People

Productivity is something that many strive for on a daily basis, and fail to achieve. The idea that the more that you can do on a daily basis, and the amount of productivity that you possess in your everyday activities, whether they be work or personal activities, is important to us. When we’re productive, we feel accomplished, and like we are achieving goals, step by step, day by day.

We always strive to discover the “secrets” of extremely productive people. How do they seem to do it? How can they juggle their families, work, persona lives and more, while under the stress of life? It seems impossible, but everyone habits that they follow to stay on track with their productivity. Discover these five everyday habits of productive people, and adopt them as your own to become your most productive self!

Focus and Prioritize

Oftentimes, we tend to shift our focuses to what we think is important at the time, rather than spending time focusing on the most important, high-priority items on our lists. If it’s extremely important, don’t put it off, complete it now. If it can wait, let it wait! But not too long of course. Time management is a big factor in how we manage ourselves, and make sure that you are spending the appropriate time on appropriate items.

Take a Break

Some people see being productive as cramming all that you can do into one day, and seeing what can fit. This is a direct path to burnout, and can cause you even more stress than you had in the first place. Make sure you give yourself time to de-stress and time to unwind, because otherwise, you will become too frazzled with all that you have to do. Even if it’s extremely urgent, take the time to give yourself a moment. It only has to be one minute!

Remove Distractions

Many might read this and say, “Easier said than done”, but it truly makes a difference. Let’s say the barrier to your productivity lies in your workplace. If you have an office door, close it. If you have headphones, put them in and listen to soothing music. If you work at home, create a space in your home that is meant for office-related items only, so when you are in that space, you can focus accordingly. If your problem is online distractions, check out these apps that can help you remove those distractions!

Establish a Routine

Creating a routine allows us to create space for a habit to develop. For example, say you want to start running in the mornings, but something always comes up that causes you to not be able to go. Set your alarm clock, and put your running shoes right next to it. Once you establish the time in your schedule and the dedication, then repeat, you’ll develop the habit in no time. Productive people frequently have routine habits, or habits that are done repeatedly.

Tackle the Most Challenging Task First

We all have a dreaded task, or one that we know we have to do, but just don’t want to do it. It could be a household chore, a meeting that we have to attend, or an email we have to write. No matter what, we have to do it. Productive people would say, “rip the bandaid off!” By taking on the most challenging task first, you are allowing yourself to do the hard work. Then, you know that it’s done, so when you are completing your tasks moving forward you know in the back of your head that they are just a little bit easier, which makes them easier to complete.

Think you’re ready for all of this productivity that you are about to encounter? Go out there and take control of your productive day!

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  • Annamarie Ricci

    Happy 2016 to all of you as well! This is Annamarie Ricci, and I cannot thank you enough for your amazing care and therapies…you guys ROCK!!! I continue to remain extremely active, (no surprises here!), and maintain my exercises and flexibility, following your suggestions:) I cannot thank you enough for the gift of mobility without pain! Hugs to everyone…embrace and enjoy every single day!:) ~Annamarie