direct access myths

Direct Access Myths That Prevent You From Getting The Best Care Possible

Direct access myths prevent you from getting the best care possible. Have you heard of direct access? Understanding what it is can make a difference in the level of care that you receive for your health. Knowing the myths and truths surrounding direct access can change and enhance the care you receive.

Basically stated, direct access gives you access to a physical therapist of your choice, without having to obtain a prescription from a referring physician. There are many benefits of direct access.

These include:

  • Gives you a chance to develop a collaborative healthcare team that works for you
  • Save time and money by not having to go elsewhere for unnecessary referrals
  • Allows you to have better access to the care that you need

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Direct Access Myths and Truths

While there are several benefits, there are also several direct access myths. Here are a few of those along with the associated truths.

Myth: Insurance won’t cover you without a referral.

The truth is that as is the case with any type of coverage, it is important to verify benefits in advance of your appointment. It is common for insurance companies to cover your visit to a physical therapist, even without a referral.

Myth: My doctor will not like for me to see someone without a referral.

The truth is that your physical therapist is willing to work collaboratively with other members of the healthcare community to help provide you with the best care. Each medical professional has their own area of expertise. 

A physical therapist is one of the best to help treat conditions associated with the musculoskeletal system. He or she will work with your doctor to ensure you are receiving the best care possible for your condition.

Myth: I have to go to where my doctor refers me. 

The truth is that with direct access you are able to make the decision on who the best physical therapist is for you. While your doctor can provide insight into your choices, you should still feel free to make your own well-informed decisions about where you receive your physical therapy.

Learning these direct access myths can be empowering, once you know the truths associated with them. It can empower your healthcare making decisions.

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