effects of sitting

The Damaging Effects of Sitting & How to Combat Them!

effects of sitting

I’m going to take a wild guess that you are reading this while you are sitting down. Did you know that sitting can actually be hurting you? Normally, when thinking about an injury, we assume we have to do something to bring on the pain. But sometimes an injury or discomfort is due to doing nothing whatsoever. What is this ominous ‘thing’ doing lots of damage? Sitting.

Ask yourself a quick question: Are you sitting for more than six hours a day? If so, check out these disturbing facts:

  • Your risk of developing heart disease increases by up to 64%
  • You shave off seven years of quality life
  • You are more at risk for certain types of cancer

That’s the bad news. Now for the good news—phew! It is easy to counteract all that sitting by prevention. Here are 5 tips to help undo the damage from all that sitting:

Get up and Move

It’s simple: sit less and move during the day. If you can, try using a standing desk. A standing desk helps to keep your muscles activated at the office. Or, take five-minute breaks from sitting every 30 to 45 minutes.

Take the Stairs

Unless your office is on the 40th floor (and maybe even then if you’re feeling ambitious), take the stairs and consider the elevator the enemy.

Take a Walk for Lunch

If you have a 1-hour lunch, why not using half of it to eat and half to walk? Try to recruit a coworker to walk with you to have a friend to chat with while you walk and help them improve their health as well!

Set Stretch Reminders

Set a reminder on your computer or cell phone every hour or half hour at work to remind you to take a stretch break.

Talk & Walk

If you have to talk with someone about work, why not walk while discussing that next project or meeting recap? Start holding ‘walking meetings’ and see improvements in office morale and productivity too! Or make it a habit to get up from your seat and go for a walk every time you take a phone call.

Sitting down for hours on end day in and day out is very straining on your body and can cause some serious health issues. Fortunately, you can avoid pain and misery by incorporating these simple changes into your daily routine.

If you are experiencing aches and pains from sitting for too long day in and day out, contact us today and schedule an appointment with our awesome team of physical therapists!