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5 Crazy Baseball Injuries & How Physical Therapy Can Help

There are many notable baseball injuries looking back through the history of Major League Baseball—Mickey Mantle’s blown knee and Ray Fosse’s home plate collision to name a few. We’ve rounded up 5 of the craziest Major League Baseball injuries and how physical therapy can help!

New York Mets — Carlos Beltran & Mike Cameron

The two outfielders had one of the nastiest collisions in professional sports during a game against the San Diego Padres while both attempting to catch a fly ball. Both men were knocked out cold and suffered concussions.  Mike Cameron sustained the worst of the injuries with multiple facial fractures and had to be carried off the field in a stretcher.

How Physical Therapy Can Help  |  Concussions

Physical therapists can evaluate and treat many problems related to a concussion, including a specialized treatment program will help stop dizziness and improve balance and reduce headaches.


California Angels – Bobby Valentine

In 1973, shortstop Bobby Valentine played outfield for an injured teammate.  When he was chasing a home run, his spikes got stuck in the outfield fence and as his momentum carried forward, he suffered a multiple compound leg fracture.  Valentine spent six months in two different casts and never properly recovered from the break.

How Physical Therapy Can Help  |  Compound Leg Fracture

Treatment for a compound leg fracture always requires surgery and physical therapy can help with the recovery process.  Various cardiovascular training and strengthening exercises may be used.


Arizona Diamondbacks – Chris Snyder

Chris Snyder took a foul ball in the worst possible place—the groin.  It happened during a game in 2008 against the Milwaukee Brewers where Snyder had to remove himself from the game after playing for a few innings through the excruciating pain.  The Arizona Diamondbacks catcher later discovered that he had a fractured testicle that needed to be removed.

How Physical Therapy Can Help  |  Groin Injury

Physical therapy can help to heal a groin tear by reducing pain, returning full motion in the leg, hip and thigh and improve strength by utilizing exercises designed specifically for you.


San Francisco Giants – Buster Posey

Buster Posey suffered a broken ankle and multiple torn ligaments after Scott Cousins, Colorado Rockies’ outfielder charged a home plate on a go-ahead run.  Posey missed the remainder of the season.  In 2104, MLB officials implemented an experimental rule to help prevent dangerous collisions like this one from happening again.

How Physical Therapy Can Help  |  Broken Ankle

After a period of rest and immobilization, physical therapy exercises for an ankle fracture concentrate on restoring ankle strength and flexibility.


Tampa Bay Devil Rays – Tony Saunders

In 1999 during a game against the Texas Rangers, Tony Saunders broke his arm.  Saunders threw a wild pitch when his arm snapped and he dropped to the ground screaming in pain.  Sadly, this injury was the beginning of his downfall as Tony struggled to stay healthy.  The following year, after recovering, Saunders managed to break the same arm again which forced him to retire at age 26.

How Physical Therapy Can Help  |  Broken Arm

After a fracture, physical therapy will help ensure you can return to optimum function as quickly as possible.  Exercises will help to improve overall endurance and strengthen the muscles around the fracture site.


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  • Julie Myers

    These are all some pretty significant injuries that occurred! It is really nice that in most of these cases, physical therapy can help. This is really great to hear, since my son recently got hurt playing sports. We were worried that he wouldn’t be able to recover, but it might be a good idea to look into physical therapy for him. Since it seems like it worked for most of these athletes, then I feel like it might work for him. Thanks for the great post!