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Our COVID-19 Protocol

At Contact Physical Therapy the heathy and safety of our patients, their families and caregivers and our own Contact PT team members is our greatest priority. We continue to monitor the quickly-evolving news related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it will be affecting our daily lives over the next few months. We believe it is important to keep our patients and their caregivers aware of our standards and precautions as many of which have been in place since we opened our doors in 2003.

As recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and the American Physical Therapy Association, we already have infection control as a priority in our clinics. We utilize approved disinfectant on all surfaces including, but not limited to: equipment, treatment rooms, registration and waiting area, restrooms and PT tools, as well as practice standard precautions performed between treating patients. We also provide stations for sanitizer and hand washing with instructions for our patients and guests.

That said, if you are feeling ill, we ask that you reach out to us immediately to re-schedule any standing appointments. Not only do we want to mitigate the spread of any potential virus, but for optimal treatment, a patient should feel well enough to attend a therapy session where they will be challenged to work with us to help reach established goals. We have also instructed our employees to follow infection control protocols and make sure they too stay home if any illness is evident.

As we have all been reading and hearing, now is the time to make an impact to “flatten the curve” of exposure to insure our healthcare system does not become overwhelmed. Below are some further resources from the CDC and Johns Hopkins’ with frequently updated information that can be used in this effort.

We look forward to continuing to help each one of our patients to reach their individualized goals with one-on-one attention at Contact Physical Therapy.

Learn More: coronavirus.jhu.edu & cdc.gov