How Physical Therapy Keeps You Young – The Anti-Aging Benefits of Physical Therapy

Most people associate physical therapy with recovery from surgery or an injury. But physical therapy is an amazing prevention practice as well. Physical therapy helps to restore function, improve mobility, and relieve pain in the body. However, another lesser-known perk of physical therapy is its anti-aging benefits.

As we get older, simple, everyday tasks become increasingly more difficult. So whether you’re having trouble taking your dog for a walk, trying to reach something on the top shelf, or getting dressed in the morning, physical therapy can help you stay young and regain your independence.

Physical therapy employs many practices that have anti-aging benefits. Through a variety of exercises, regular physical therapy can increase strength, range of motion, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. Strength training is one of the most effective anti-aging practices in physical therapy.

Strength training can improve many aspects of your health, ultimately aiding in the anti-aging process. This kind of training involves exercises that focus on the larger muscle groups. Strength training boasts many benefits, including decreased risk of injury, strengthened heart, maintaining a healthy weight, and pain management. Working out and engaging in more physical activity keeps you younger by increasing the amount of energy you have and improving your ability to do the things that you love!

Common strength training exercises that aid in anti-aging are squats and cardio, because they strengthen your knees and get your heart rate going. But there are so many other exercises that you can do with your physical therapist and at home to reverse the aging process.

If you think you could utilize physical therapy for its anti-aging benefits, schedule your appointment today to live the life you love as the younger version of yourself!

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  • Lillian Schaeffer

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that physical therapy can help improve flexibility and strength. My mother is getting older, and she’s been complaining about not being able to bend as well. I know she wants to stay able to do the things she could when she was younger, so I’ll definitely talk to her about the possibility of physical therapy. Thanks for the great post!