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Contact Physical Therapy specializes in treating a variety of conditions, from chronic lower back pain and neck pain to rehabilitation following an accident or injury.



At Contact Physical Therapy in Mesa, Arizona, we provide outpatient physical therapy services. Our clinic employs only skilled and licensed physical therapists and uses the latest electronic health records platform for our scheduling, documentation and billing. At Contact Physical Therapy we work to help our patients restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain and prevent or limit the physical disability they may encounter while suffering from injuries or disease.

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Contact Physical Therapy

With our combined experience in working and managing rehabilitation centers, we are pleased to offer a Mesa physical therapy facility that not only caters to athletes, but to those who may find typical gyms intimidating.  Each piece of equipment we use is designed for easy accessibility. The modulated weight stacks offer appropriate resistance for rehabilitation patients.  We also provide a wide array of exercise and modality equipment.


Company History

Upon completing physical therapy school, common professional goals include working in a setting to give patients the quality care they deserve to live healthy and active lifestyles, gaining valuable experience for the future, and learning from peers. Ultimately pursuing the dream of being a business owner.

For Noah Arenson, Dave Wasserbeck and Dallas Lato, this held true. Although from very different parts of the country, they were joined with one common goal: To provide patients with direct interaction by the same therapist. In doing this, deliver continuity to patients’ treatment plans and gain the most desirable outcome without use of therapy technicians or extenders.

This common goal enabled these three therapists, who had previously worked in a large hospital system, to join together in 2003 and open Contact Physical Therapy in Mesa, Arizona.

The team of owners continues to look for innovative ways to treat their patients, educate the public and provide excellence in physical therapy and hand therapy services. Our Mesa physical therapy facility is here to help with any physical therapy needs.


Our Treatment Goals

  • To provide our patients with direct interaction by the same therapist to provide continuity to the patient’s treatment plan.


  • To build on treatments each visit and culminate in a home program utilizing education, ergonomics, and exercise to maintain and build on goals achieved in therapy – well after discharge from our clinic.


  • To provide effective documentation via our custom designed electronic medical records system that assures clean and useful documentation to physicians and case managers.


  • To provide the service of insurance verification and authorization for each patient that is referred to Contact – as allowed by the insurance company.


  • To schedule patients for appointments within 24 – 48 hours of their referral.


Our Physical Therapists

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