A Word From Our Patients

We always appreciate when our patients let us know how they feel about the work we do, whether it be positive or negative. It allows us to evaluate ourselves on a regular basis to make sure we are doing the best we can!

Below is a letter we received from one of our patients to Brendan Cousineau from our Scottsdale location!

Dear Brendan,

I want to thank you for all the great therapy you have given me with my knee injury. You and Pam really do an incredible job in helping people recover from all types of issues. It was amazing to me that you predicted the need for surgery even before I went to the surgeon.  Because of what you had shared with me, I felt more comfortable in having the surgery and knew that I could go back to you for the rehabilitation.

I’m very impressed with the attention you’ve given me and how I see you treat all other patients.  You really show caring and a need to see all patients improve their quality of life. A large part of recuperation is the encouragement you share with your clients.

You have a wonderful spirit and pass on optimism to all of us.  That is a huge part of the healing process.   I also appreciate your skill level in accessing what can be done to improve my health.  When I presented you with my neck problem, I felt more relief than I have had in a long time.  I will diligently follow the exercise program you give me to strength my neck so that I can keep up with my small business operation. I have lived with a lot of pain in my low back but manage to keep that at bay with swimming and not sitting too long at one time. The neck is another issue and I look forward to a few more sessions with you so you can help me learn how to relieve that pain on an ongoing basis. I want to stay productive and not suffer with that “pain in the neck”. 

You have really helped me in the last nine months.  I can’t wait to go dancing again…Thanks for all you’ve done to keep me active and happy in my life.  Please continue all your good works with those who need your expertise and have the desire to live with less pain or be pain free. You’re making this a better world one patient at a time.

Sincerely, Sandy S.

Keep up the good work, team!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have!