national physical therapy month

4 Reasons Why National Physical Therapy Month Matters To You

As a team of physical therapists, we are happy to share with you that this month is National Physical Therapy Month! However, even more important to you is knowing how that impacts your life and why it matters to your health.

Day in and day out we work closely with our patients and see firsthand the benefits that physical therapy has on each of our patients, on their health and in their lives. We can’t help but share these things with you so that you can experience them too.

Why National Physical Therapy Month Matters To You

A physical therapist is an expert in the movement of the body, helping you live an optimal life, pain free by providing treatment, care, and education. 

There are long-term health benefits to working with a physical therapist. Not to mention the fact that he or she can help you to get out of pain. They can also help you prevent further problems and pain from occurring.

National Physical Therapy Month brings all of these things into the spotlight. Here are four reasons why National Physical Therapy Month matters to you.

Reason #1

Physical therapy provides a way to stay healthy and active and keep your body moving and functioning properly.

Reason #2

Direct access to your physical therapist means no red tape to go through to enlist the help of this healthcare professional who is on your side.

Reason #3

Physical therapy can be an important tool and resource in your life for healing, beyond drugs and prescription medications, which can carry dangerous side effects.

Reason #4

Physical therapy and your physical therapist both empower you to take your healthcare choices into your own hands, and gives you more options apart from drugs and surgery.

More than anything else, Contact Physical Therapy and the American Physical Therapy Association want you to know that physical therapy is available to you as a way to manage pain effectively without the use of drugs such as opioids for chronic pain.

Our physical therapists are on your side when it comes to living life without pain that is holding you back from what you love. 

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